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Our Adult Social Support Groups are designed to prepare adults with high-functioning Autism and related disorders, to deal effectively and independently with the increasing demands of navigating adulthood and independence.

Each Adult Group fosters connections and  focuses on relevant areas specific to the needs and age-range of the group. Here are some topics we address:

  • Having conversations and listening to others

  • Understanding the importance of how other’s think (Theory of Mind)

  • Learning to change your behavior based upon other’s reactions to you

  • Friendship – Deciding who to choose as a friend, how to maintain friendships, and how to handle disagreements

  • Dating – How to recognize if someone is interested in you, how to make or accept an initial approach, dealing with sexuality and sexual issues

  • Grooming and Hygiene

  • Job Skills – How to decide what job to seek out, going on interviews, skills needed to keep a job

  • Money management skills

  • Independent living skills

  • Compromising and flexibility

  • Channeling special interests

The groups are designed for clients who have graduated from high school.  Clients must be fully verbal and able to function independently in a group setting. They should also have expressed interest in working on at least one or two of the skills listed above and be able to commit to weekly attendance in the program.

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